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The Acquisition Innovators Hub puts you in the center of discovery, opportunities, discussion, learning and news about the avalanche of changes now sweeping U.S. federal procurement.

Innovation Ecosystem List

Looking for an Other Transaction Authority consortium?  Can't figure out which WERX is which?  Searching for an accelerator, an incubator or an investment fund? Contact us about Federal Innovation Ecosystem mapping services!

The Acquisition Innovators Hub is creating a continuously updated network map showing the hubs, consortia, accelerators, incubators, PIAs and government innovation organizations across the innovation ecosystem.


We can map companies' capabilities to the government-owned or -sponsored hubs that need them most. We can help the hubs understand where they fit in the ever-evolving network.


For more information, email

The Acquisition Innovation Hub Innovation Ecosystem List is a less frequently updated database of entities on the map  

Watch The ABCs of OTAs Webinar 

Acquisition experts Anne Laurent, of The Acquisition Innovators Hub, and Brian Friel, of BD Squared, delivered a 90-minute session covering the ABCs of Other Transaction Agreements and other innovative acquisition techniques.

Watch the recording to hear how companies can use OTAs and other acquisition techniques to sell innovative products and services to the government. Learn how to get involved with OTAs, how they work and what your company should do to make OTAs part of your toolset for reaching government customers.

2018-06-21 12.02 OTAs_ What You Need to Know about the Hot OTA Market
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